Monday, July 1, 2024

About us

     Welcome to the Yuva Aware platform, we are a team of young Bhartiya that are trying to fix the false narrative being thrown at Bharat from all around the World. Today is the era of Information warfare and the one who is able to manage the narrative via running either false propaganda or true information into the media will be always ahead in this new kind of warfare. That’s why we have started a new journey or task to spread our ideas and historical facts about Bharat, History, Politics, World order, Technologies, and much more. All the knowledge that we are sharing is partially self-generated and partially borrowed from different sources ranging from the Internet to Books by different authors and video sources. We do not claim any copyright on any of our content, the sole purpose is to share the knowledge as much as possible. We are living in the 21st Century and this century belongs to no single country, everyone plays their part, and we know that the pivot part would be played by Bharat. So, to make Bharat strong in the narrative building we need to know things about different domains of life as mentioned earlier. We want all our reader’s support in sharing our articles and expressing their views on them via commenting under the articles.