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Lord Shiva Names ! – 1000 names- Most popular God of Hindus

Lord Shiva Names is one of the most revered Hindu God, who is worshiped all across the world among Hindus. In Hindu philosophy there is a trinity concept of Gods that runs this entire Universe, although one may say that Hindus have millions of Gods but apart from these three, all are the extensions of these three and this trinity itself is the extension of supreme power which is called ऊँ (Ohm in Hindi or Sanskrit).

lord shiva names

In Hindus ऊँ (Ohm) is very pious word, it is believed to be the representation of intangible force that runs the universe and all these trinity find their origin from ऊँ (Ohm) according to “Brahmvaivrat Puran.”

Coming back to Lord Shiva, he is one of the trinity who is responsible for the destruction, and he ensures that anything that is born, formed or came into existence by the grace of “Brahma” (one of the trinity) shall perish, destroyed, and disappear. Because then only the cycle of life and birth would complete.

lord shiva names

Characteristics of Lord Shiva

      He is considered to be one of the simplest God among three and one of the most powerful. He is easily pleased by the penance of devotees in many different manner. He even give boons to demons, ghosts, humans, etc provided they are fully devoted to him.

      If talk about his appearance, he is considered to be one of the simplest because he doesn’t get represented with lofty clothes, jewelry, or any fancy aura by devotees. He is seen with snake warped around his neck, with ash on his body from forehead to tow. He holds a Trishul, the most powerful weapon in the entire universe, even the Vishnu (the caretaker of Universe cannot face). Although both Vishnu and Shiva are devotees of one another, they worship each other and there is not as such difference if one try to draw, it’s just the different representation of the same energy.

Lord Shiva Names

      Usually Shiva is commonly called as Shiva, Bholenaath, Bhole Baba, Shambhoo, etc. But there are 1000 names that are mentioned in the ancient scriptures. Let’s see…….

Names Meaning Names Meaning
1. Rudra Ferocious 2. Pushplochan Lotus eyes
3. Maheshvar Great Ruler 4. Arthigamya Accessible to humble plea
5. Chandrapeeth Base of Moon 6. Chandramaulik Moon Crested
7. Gauri Bhara Husband of Gauri 8. Mahadev God of Gods or Demi Gods
9. Pinaki Holder of Pinak weapon 10. Trilochanam One who has three eyes
11. Mahakaal Death of Deaths 12. Neelkanth One who has blue throat
13. Pashupati Lord of all Animals 14. Parantap Destroyer of Enemies
15. Dayakar The most kind 16. Shmashanastha One who reside in Cremation Ground
17. Sanatan Eternal 18. Ajaat Shatru One who wins his Enemies

      Although the list of Lord Shiva names is in-exhaustible but these are the prominent names out of those 1000 names, Shiva is in the soul of Hindus and Hindus are into Shiva. Hindus sing praises to him using these names all around the year across the world.

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