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Why Gandhi was Killed by Godse || 10 Reasons || Muslim Appeasement

Horrors of Partition.

Everyone knows what happened after 15th August 1947 and where was Gandhi at that time. The pain and horrors that were faced by 1-2 Crore people were unimaginable. Well-established businesses were lost, homes were lost, and families were lost. For others, it was the day of freedom but for others, it was the start of their miseries that were the result of political leaders. Justice G.D Khosla of Punjab High Court has written a book named” The Stern Reckoning.”  It showed the detailed horrors and pain of all the Hindu and Sikh refugees.


Hindus and Sikhs of Punjab, North-West Frontier Province, Singh, and Bengal were not ready to leave their well-established Businesses, Homes, and Families. But they all become beggars over midnight due to the whims of Jinnah. On the other side, many Muslims of Uttar Pradesh, Mumbai, Madras, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, etc had to leave as well. Hindus of Bengal would not have left their homes, had there not been the carnage of Kolkata and Noakhali during the “Direct Action” day designed and implemented by Jinnah when the Muslim League performed very badly in the provincial elections of 1946. Then Finally the rioting and killings started in Jan 1947, Rawalpindi Hindus were killed, Rawalpindi mass rape of Hindu women by Muslims (including League’s workers), Converting them to Islam. Many Hindu and Sikh women performed Jauhar to save their dignity like Rajput women used to do.


  • Trains used to pack with refugees like chickens, they used to halt trains at stations for a longer period than normal so that Muslims would come and strike them.
  • All the handpumps were removed and in many places, it is mentioned that parents forced their urine down the throat of their children.
  • All the trucks used to stop, their belongings used to be looted, Men used to be killed and their women and sisters were raped by Muslims of Punjab.
  • Thousands of people were walking in Caravans for 100s of kilometers. Many Old fellows couldn’t survive the journey and were left behind to die and be eaten by dogs and Vultures.
  • Attacks after 14 August 1947 were more severe and more Barbaric. In September 1947 a train from the Jhelum district went off and was forced to stop at three locations. Muslims attack it with no mercy and killed the men, women, and children. Trains used to be routed deliberately towards longer routes so that more damage could be inflicted.
  • Parachinar’s Hindu genocide was famously reported by Hindustan Times on 18th January 1948. That, how shops and homes were looted, killings, rapes, etc. everything was done that could be done. Incidents are uncountable but these are a few of them from the book.

partititon rape

When the news of abduction, rapes, loot, arson, and killings reached easter Punjab. Then people started giving reaction to the barbaric actions of Muslims of Pakistani Punjab. Every week, Lakhs and Lakhs of refugees were in fluxing into Punjab by trains, lorries, carts, etc. By December 1947 40 Lakh Hindus and Sikhs reached Bharat. They all were broken, they had to leave everything behind that they established over a generation, moreover, the horrors that they had to face were even more excruciating. They were all broken, they needed someone here to support them financially, with food, shelter, etc. They were all looking toward the INC (Indian National Congress) because eventually, they were responsible for all of their miseries after all. They accepted all the demands of Jinnah and conceded the formation of Pakistan based on religious lines.


Gandhi’s Appeasement of Muslims right from the start.

          Right after Gandhi came to Bharat in 1915, he started participating in the political spheres of that time. As time passed, he realized that it was important to fight Britishers collectively including Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs, etc. So, he explored every possible way to unite the Hindu-Muslim efforts against the Britishers. And to achieve that he was ready to appease Muslims and the Muslim league no matter what is the limit or consequences of those actions.


  1. Khilafat Movement Appeasement.


Khilafat was started by the Muslim lot to oppose Britishers because there was a communal element in it. Britishers parted the Ottoman empire during 1918-the 1920s. This infuriated the Muslims that their Khalifa was dethroned by them, hence they will do anything to restore that. Now, Gandhi saw this as an opportunity to combine Congress’s efforts. But no Muslim leader or their workers were working with a desire for Bharat’s freedom, they were fighting for a religious cause and Gandhi hallucinated himself in believing that he has combined the Hindu-Muslim against Britishers. Gandhi introduced communal politics by doing this and Hindus of Malabar in 1921. When Movement fizzled out the anger of Muslims blasted into the killings, rape, and conversion of Malabar Hindus. History textbooks write this incident as a Mapilla rebellion (what a shame). Gandhi never criticized those incidents because it would not be accepted by his newly attached Muslim friends of Khilafat, so he decided to mute himself and tried to look away from them.


  1. Always taking sides of Communal Muslims.

In 1923, some Muslims published a book titled “Krishna Teri Gita Jalani Padegi”. Which contained derogatory language against Krishna and other Hindu gods. In response, Pandit Chamupal published a book titled “Rangeela Rasool” which contained a sensitive description of Muhammad according to Muslims. Just after one month of this publication, Gandhi in June 1924 wrote in his weekly “Young India” condemning the pamphlet. He never questioned or condemned any similar attempts done from the Muslim side ever. But he was always swift in his criticism and admonition toward Hindus.

Refuse to condemn the violent statements by the Ali brothers during the Khilafat movement to incite riots across Bharat. He was trying his level best to somehow achieve Hindu-Muslim unity at any cost.


  1. Accepting Jinnah’s 14 Demands.
Separate Electorate for Muslims Joint Electorate Demanded weightage for Minorities……..No weightage for minorities. Demanded Provincial Autonomy……..Demand of Strong Central Govt. Inclusions of Muslims in the cabinet….Against the inclusion in the cabinet Obsessed with communal issues Obsessed with rule of majority. 1/3rd Rep. in central Govt for Muslims…..1/4th Rep for Muslim in central govt.

Jinnah demanded 14 demands in 1949 were the prelude or precursor to the formation of Pakistan. Gandhi conceded those demands as well because Gandhi had full control over Congress, his orders were more important than even Congress president until Subhash Chandra Bose came. These 14 demands included demanding the majority of provincial seats to Muslims in North-Western Frontier province, Bengal, Sindh, Assam, etc. No decision can be taken without the consent of minorities, special 1/3rd representation in the institutions, etc.


  1. Hate towards Hindi and Vande Matram

On the question of declaring Hindi as the National Language, Gandhi took a complete U-turn and tried to propose Hindustani as a National Language, which officially is not even a language of any sort. It is just a mixture of Hindi, Urdu, Arabic, Turkic, etc. He tried to impress upon Maulanas, Muslim League, and Muslims, in general, to score more brownie points so that all of them accept him as their leader and he would lead the National Movement against Britishers. He started referring to Ram as “Badshah Ram”, or “Begam Sita”, but he never referred to Muhammad as “Shri Muhammad” or “Mahashay Jinnah”. All of this Hindu-Muslim Hypocrisy was one-sided which can be seen even today in the nature of the Congress party.

Vande Matram used to be sung in every Congress session because it had a relevance to the Bengal movement of 1905. One day a Muslim registered his discontent with the song, just like many Muslim parliamentarians do with “Jana Gana Mana” and “Vande Matram.” So, Gandhi tried to put pressure on Congress to not sing this song in Congress sessions where Muslims are present and proposed “Jana Gana Mana” Instead. All this Hypocrisy to achieve his hallucinated Hindu-Muslim unity.


  1. Silently gesturing Muslims to eat Cow Meat

Gandhi is said to be the staunch protector of Cows and worshipper of Cows, even one of our Constitution’s DPSP’s (Directive Principals of State Policy) provision of protecting Cows is driven by Gandhian ideals. It seems he was even ready to sacrifice cows for his dream of Hindu-Muslim unity. In his prayer meetings, he mentioned that you cannot force a person that he should abstain from cow meat just because you worship cows. Hindustan is not only for Hindus; it is also for Muslims as well. He gave all these statements just to impress his Muslim fellows somehow because he knew that Hindus and Congress would do as he say and advise.


  1. Never Condemned and Criticised Noakhali Riots

After a disagreement between the Muslim League and Congress in 1946 over Government formation and future prospects of Pakistan formation, Jinnah went on and declared “Direct Action” in Bengal where innocent Hindus were killed, women were raped, or forcefully converted to Islam. But there was not even a single word of condemnation or criticism from the mouth of Gandhi about the incident lest saying anything against League or Jinnah. His dream always remained a dream no matter what price Gandhi had to pay what time he had invested or goes against his own rules and principles.

Riots were continuous even after one year of Noakhali in many places Hindus also retaliated like Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, etc. Again, Gandhi used to come and criticized Hindus for their reactions, he never interjected or criticized Muslim actions because he knew that Muslims don’t give a damn about Gandhi so he wanted to earn Muslims and their leader’s brownie points.


Insulting the plight of Hindus and Sikh Refugees

Nearly 1-2 Cr (10 million) people were displaced and it is reported to be the only largest ever displacement that occurred over the course of entire human history. Moreover, the kind of treatment and appeals that these refugees had to face at the hands of those popular leaders that were the main cause of their misery is miserable.


  1. Appeal to Hindus to go back to die

During that time refugees who were coming from Pakistan, many of them came to Delhi in the hope that they will find shelter since Delhi is the highest political center. But to their surprise things were a little different here because of Gandhi’s love for his hallucination of Hindu-Muslim unity even after all the bloodshed, he had seen over the years. In his prayer meetings he used to appeal to Hindus and Sikh refugees that the interests of Muslims should be addressed first even if they had to endure some pain along with that, he also appealed that all the displaced people should go back to their country even if they had to face death. Don’t you find the similar statement of our former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh “First right to the resources of this country should be of Muslims?” No sane person would appeal to such a bizarre thing from those people who themselves are asking for help and already going through a lot of hardship. This infuriated many refugees and other Hindu leaders across Bharat. He used to be criticized by others and instead of showing empathy and compassion, he is still taking sides of Muslims and not paying any heed to their pain.


  1. Hindus let themselves die for Muslims

While addressing one of his prayer meetings on 6th April 1947 Gandhi said “Hindus should not get angry about Muslims, even if Muslims think to vanish them. If Muslims would kill all the Hindus, then we would die with honor. We should not fear death,” This statement clearly shows the level of appeasement that Gandhi was ready to follow that he wants everybody to die at the hands of Muslims if they want to kill Hindus. What rubbish is this? I ask you to question everything and use your own logic and brain. Criticize everyone if one fits in the merit of your own.


  1. Gandhi evicted refugees out of Mosques and Muslim houses

At this point when Pakistan was attacking Kashmir, Killing the displacing people, and Raping Hindu and Sikh women, people and refugees were not in any state of mind to hear any sympathetic or favoring argument for Pakistan and Muslims. But Gandhi used to state and do contrary every time. Gandhi placed several demands on Congress leadership against his threat of protest. One of the Bizarre was that every refugee should be evicted from the Mosques and evicted homes of Muslims in Delhi. Because all those evicted homes by Muslims will always belong to those Muslims even if they had left. And Mosques are no place to give refuge to displaced people. Gandhi’s demands were never fulfilled in only two conditions: 1. The nature of demands was to challenge the authority of Britishers 2. Against Muslim League. He never did any protest or “Satyagrah” against Muslims because nobody cared. But when it comes to Congress he was able to fulfill them no matter how illogical they used to be.


  1. Helped Pakistan with 55 Crore rupee

When Pakistan attacked Kashmir on 22 Oct 1947 the Government of India or the INC (Indian National Congress) decided that they would not follow the contract of providing financial aid signed between Pakistan and India during the partition. Since Pakistan violated the agreement of peace there should be no point in fulfilling our side of promises. But again, Gandhi jumped out of nowhere, he had nothing to do with any of the political scenarios whatsoever during that time. Even though he resigned from Congress in 1934 yet he was managing Congress from the back seat by threatening with his “Satyagrah” which nobody other than the Congress party cared about. He declared a death strike or (आमरण अनशन), he said if the Indian government does not pay 55 Crore due to Pakistan, then he would strike and strike to death. Eventually, the Indian government transferred the money and the same money was used in Kashmir against the Indian army by Pakistan. Thanks to our beloved Bapu Ji.


Summation of this is the reason for the Killing of Gandhi

Kapoor Commission was formed to investigate the incident of Gandhi’s death. All these incidents and statements are recorded by different personalities. But let’s look at Godse’s statement directly about what he had to say about this because all these things were explicitly mentioned by him.

Gandhi was killed by his own doings, he did so many mistakes that were accumulated and because of those mistakes Hindus were killed, Bharat was divided into two countries. Muslims were being sheltered by senior Congress political leaders even if they are at fault. Appeasement of Muslims and condemnation of Hindu Mahasabha and other Hindu religious institutions. He himself stated that he felt that if this man would live one more day on this planet, it would pose a great danger to the Hindus and Sikhs of this country, because of the utter nonsense that he used to talk in his prayer meeting about Hindus and Sikhs. So, I shot him dead and arrested myself.


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