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Who is Radha

Radha, Kishori ji, Shyama ju, Laadli, etc. These are all the names that are referred to Radha Rani by devotees but the main question which is paramount that if there were no references in Bhagwat and Mahabharat about Radha, then from where did this Radha Rani and her name has become so popular among devotees? Sometimes it is seen that Kishori ji is revered more than Shri Krishn.

How did the Radha rani come into being what exactly she is, what is her position, what is her strength and how is she categorized by devotees among other prominent Bhagwan like Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh?



Radha Rani According to the Worldly definition

Let’s talk about the general view which most people are explaining about Radha and then we will talk about the scriptural references. Radha Rani is referred to as the Consort, Lover, and Devotee of Shri Krishn and there have been so many stories revolving around both of them which can be found over the internet in a plethora amount. People are defining Radha ji as the Goddess of love, tenderness, compassion, and devotion with their different logics, and stories. We are not denying all these definitions in their own pattern but there has to be some sort of literature or scriptural document to support all that claim which hardly people provide.


Radha Rani According to the Brahma-Vaivart Puran

The basic concept of this scripture is that everything originates from Para-Brahma which manifests itself as Shri Krishna and Shiva. Shri Krishna is called Parameshwara (Supreme God) which is one of the manifests of Para-Brahma. Initially, the Para-Brahma itself was divided into two parts which were called Purusha and Prakrati. This means that the right side was a Purusha and the left side was the Prakrati which is quite similar to one of the manifestations of Bhagwan Shiva. This Purusha part is none other than Shri Krishna and that is why he is called the Adi-Purusha (the eternal Man). The Prakriti bears the sole responsibility to generate all feminine forms in the entire universe ranging from plants to animals in all forms, and hence it is the fact that all the women in the world are the direct progenitors of Shri Prakriti 


When Shri Krishna wanted to create the universe the next moment Prakriti sensed the desire of Shri Krishna and divided it into 5 parts to make that happen. They are Durga, Laxmi, Savitri, Saraswati, and “Radha”. It is believed that the Radha form is the direct manifestation of the love and kindness of Shri Krishna. When that acquired the form it was called “Radha”. That is why Shri Krishna loves her most; he cannot imagine his existence without “Radha”. It’s similar to when any human has taken out his heart and starts to love it as if without it he cannot imagine his life. 


How Radha Rani Looks alike

Radha Rani is considered to be the most beautiful among the 5. She is free from all the materialistic Maya or Trigunatmika Maya (which runs the entire world), physical forms, desire, and ego. She is the soul of Shri Krishna and she exists only to rain blessings on her devotees. All the demi-gods and Brahma are incapable of seeing her from their eyes, she drapes herself in blue clothes, and she lights up as if thousands of moons are in the sky.

She is responsible for providing the Shri Krishna Bhankti to every devotee who worships Shri Krishna because the most valuable entity in the entire universe is considered to be a Krishna Bhakt. Every Dev and Devta including Brahma always wants to savor the moment of just looking at Radha Rani just for a millisecond and that is why Brahma ji did penance for 60,000 years to just have a look at Radha Rani’s foot thumbnail yet could not able to view that even in dreams. This led Radha Rani to take a human form and she was born as a daughter to Vrashbhanu (the human father of Radha Rani) in Vrindavan.


How Abhakt views Radha and Shri Krishna and Marriage

The definition of love has been changed in the modern world where love is considered to be indulging in “sexual activity” That is what the modern-day definition of love has been restricted to by the people who are slaves of their own desires. These are the same people who question the love of Radha and Shri Krishna and question the character of Shri Krishna. They question the “Ras-Leela” which in their mind is performing a “sexual act” which is like imagining the love between two brothers, love between two sisters, love of son and mother and love of husband and wife is the same, which is not.


Shri Krishna went to Gurukul when he was 6-7 years old and all the stories related to him in Gokul and Vrindavan are from prior to that period and people with zero knowledge of Shastra, zero knowledge of Bhakti and zero knowledge of pure love dare to put a question mark on such a pious love relation between Radha Rani and Shri Krishna. That shows their own mentality toward seeing the love between the two.

For those who question the marriage of the human form of Radha Rani and Shri Krishna, although marriage cannot be performed by one person only, and similarly if Radha and Krishna were two entities then only this could have been possible. Because Radha is Krishna and Krishna is Radha, once cannot make out any difference between two of them. Even in this situation, Shri Krishna performed his Leela, he performed a wedding with Radha Rani for petty humans who do not understand the language of love in the way they performed, in Bhandir van in Vrindavan, and the wedding was performed by Brahma himself.


Benefits of Worshipping Radha Rani

Those who want to please Shri Krishna and Mahadev soon should start worshiping Radha rani by chanting her name “Radha”, “Radha”,…..Because Shri Krishna blossoms like a flower when he hears Radha’s name from the mouth of a Bhakt. He then deletes all the bad deeds done by that person either by mistake or with intent, provided that the person should not repeat once he starts the bhakti of Kishori ji.

Anyone who chants the name “Radha” either by mistake, without devotion, with devotion, or by force. It results from him not being sent to hell by Yamraj. He will have to go to the heavens to be rewarded for one Radha name that he chanted by mistake or by desire. This is the level of power of the name of our “Radha Rani”. 

If Radha Rani orders that this bhakt is mine, then Shri Krishna has no right to cancel the order, he has to accept that bhakt even though he is the sinner of sinners, even if he has done Mahapap. Shri Krishna has to cancel all of that and start a new register for that bhakt. Such is the love of our Radha Rani for her devotees. 


This is the Human form that we have got after roaming around between the bodies of 84 Lakh living beings. If we miss this opportunity to chant the name of Bhagwan then the entire opportunity of being born as a human would be wasted. Clever is the one who does Naam Jap and do right deeds. All the world is a play and everyone is playing their role for a period of time and all will be accountable as what did you do when you was given the opportunity to be born as a human. Bhakts would have the answers and Abhakts would again be roaming in 84 Lakh living beings once again for eternity. 

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