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Islam against world peace! : Muslims are not || Dark side of Islam

The majority of Muslims and non-Muslims don’t even have a clue about what is written in Islamic scriptures, everyone talks about sugar-coated things, let’s talk about the dark side of inhumane things that are well documented in Islam that goes against basic human rights and basic good behavior towards your fellow human being. Islam follows basic two fundamentals—1) Darul-Harb—Where Muslims are in minority and they have to do efforts to convert it into Darul Islam (land of Islam)., 2) Darul Islam—Where everyone has become Muslims and there is a sharia law being implemented, where there are no rights for the minority. There is no concept of Motherland or Fatherland in Islam. If any Muslim is a patriot by heart for his country it is just because the environment around him/her is as such that they are not allowed to do things according to Islam. Muhammad order every Muslim to fight against non-Muslims until they get converted. Even Muhammad desired that all the Pagans (Polytheists of the Arabian Peninsula) be thrown out of their land without any reason (reference). Look at all the lands that were devoid of Muslim Ideology or Islam at one time, and today those same lands are the cause of trouble in the world. Pakistan was once a part of Bharat, and today we see all sorts of terrorist organizations branching from that same land. The only difference now is that it is governed by the ideology of Islam, that only teaches hate towards non-Muslims and how to express that hate will be discussed with authentic Islamic scripture citation.


Note that a religious Muslim is also unaware of certain dark sides of Islam, because Quran and Hadiths are so confusing and written out of order, that it is very difficult for a person to read and understand them correctly without any help, unlike other religious scriptures. No one questions the good things that many people talk about Islam, but the problem arises when Islam tries to impose its ideas onto others forcefully. So, let’s dive into the certain dark section of Islam and Muhammad’s life.  All the citations are from authentic Islamic scriptures, anyone can cross-check and verify them at their end. Muhammad even promised an attack on India.


Islamic Division of people based on Religion

Islam looks at the people as Muslims and the others as non-Muslims. There is no other distinction mentioned in Quran and Hadith that even talks about simple human beings. The third category that Islamic texts talk about is Murtad. So, Islam refers to people who believe in Allah and Muhammad as his Messenger as Muslims. Those who do not believe in Allah are referred to as Kafir (including Mushriks and Atheists), those who believe in God other than Allah are Mushriks (Hindus, Christians, Sikhs, etc), and finally, those who either were born in Islam or joined Islam at some point of time in their life and then left Islam are called Murtids.


                There should not be any problem with all these categorizations of people in any religion of any sort unless it doesn’t harm you personally based on these categorizations. Well, the problem with Islam is very fundamental. Islam not only categorizes people differently who are non-Muslims but also instructs all Muslims to exercise various kinds of excesses and violence to be committed against them. And Allah itself does not like non-Muslims and has prepared hell for all the non-Muslim fellows irrespective of their good deeds. Even if you are a rapist, murderer, or have done any form of a heinous crime, you will go to Jannat or haven.

Quran’s treatment of Non-Muslims or Fundamental beliefs about non-Muslims

  1. 2:104—Disbelievers would suffer a painful punishment
  2. 2:217—Whoever dies as a disbeliever or non-Muslim, his good deeds become Zero
  3. 2:221—Clearly insulting non-Muslim as if they are equivalent to Muslim slaves and punishment waits for non-Muslims in hell.
  4. 2:165-167—If you believe in a God other than Allah, there is a severe punishment for you.
  5. 2:126—Again threat to non-Muslims of torment if they die non-Muslims.

Muslim Scholars most of the time can be heard saying— “La iqraha fiddeen”—Means there is no compulsion in religion. Actually, they are half quoting 2:256. It says “There is no compulsion in religion but along with this declaring other’s God or faith as false and refusing the mutual respect of religion or and not allowing the freedom to practice their religion of choice.”

  1. 5:36-37—Even if non-Muslims give their entire wealth and try to avert punishment for just being a non-Muslim, it’s not possible. They will endure the punishment for being non-Muslim.
  2. 5:86—Whoever denies Allah and its signs, will burn in hell fire.
  3. 9:3—All polytheists (who believe in many gods), will suffer in hell if they don’t get converted.
  4. 8:38—Again a direct threat, if you remain non-Muslims, you all will face torments.
  5. 58:5—Again humiliating punishment for you being a non-Muslim only.
  6. 9:5—Fight Polytheists, although they broke the treaty, but leave them only if they convert else, slay them.

These are a few of the many threats that Muhammad and his Allah give and offer to non-Muslims, threatening them with the fear of hell fire. All the references are from the authentic Hadith and Quran (narration of Muhammad and Ayisha). Now let’s talk about Murtad/Murtid. It is the one who was either born in Islam or converted to Islam and then left this religion. And how a Murtad should be treated and how Muhammad treated Murtads and people who criticized him let’s see.

Saad-bin Abisara was the Qitab-Al Quran (Quran writer) of Muhammad, since Muhammad was an illiterate man.  One day while Muhammad was dictating the Quran verse about how humanity has been made by Allah, suddenly Saad said, “O Allah you are so merciful and you are the best speaker”. Then Muhammad said, write this as it is as you said, it is also a verse from Allah. Saad said, if this is the verse of Allah, then why did it come out of my mouth first and not yours, since you are the Messenger of Allah? It means either you are a false prophet or I am also a prophet. Then Muhammad expressed his anger on Saad because he didn’t have any answer to his question. Saad left Islam and moved to Mecca from Medina because he knew that Muhammad was an intolerant man, he used to get people killed even on small disagreements. Later when Muhammad captured Mecca, the very first person he ordered to execute in the city of Mecca was Saad, because he has left Islam and he will reveal the falsehood to others, hence killing him would save Muhammad’s claim of being a false prophet. (Hadith that order to kill a Murtad, click to open)

Even today, in Islamic shariah or Islamic rule, if you left Islam, you will be executed. The other person Muhammad ordered to execute was “Umme Qurfa” a 70-80 yr. old lady, who used to write mere poetry against Muhammad. He ordered such a brutal killing of this lady that she was torn apart by pulling her body from either side by tying her to camels. Later the daughter of that old lady was made a concubine or sex slave of Muhammad.


Muhammad used Lust tactics to get his men ready for Jihad.

          After Mecca won Muhammad led many expeditions and after all that war-torn soldiers, it started to become very difficult to uplift his men to fight just for the loot. He then started to lure his men by giving a proposal, that I will get all of you blonde women of Rome, with white skin color. You can make them your sex slaves. This is clearly mentioned in Quran, but to understand you have to go to the commentaries of the Quran (Tafseer). Quran—9:49 Tafseer. Here Muhammad’s companions are refusing to go to another war, but Muhammad is trying all his threat and Lust tactics to get them to attack other places.

Since the culture of Saudi Arabia was very poor at that time, they had a culture of rape, sex slaves, multiple marriages, real-cousin marriages, the profligate nature of people, etc. It was easy for Muhammad to mobilize such a society or people, especially men to promise them a lot of sex with sex slaves, and a lot of sex in the hereafter. He described women of hereafter in detail who would be waiting for them as 72 hoors. So, Muhammad formulated Quran—56:37—That women would be ready for them in Jannat to have sex with them. He even described the entire physiology of virgins in the Jannat, as to how they will be entertaining them since you have fought for Allah’s Messenger (Quran—56:36). Quran explicitly mention killing non-Muslims in various verses, worth mentioning Quran—47:4—Kill non-Muslims whenever you meet them (Notice how surreptitiously Meet word in Arabic (Aqitum–لَقِيتُمُ) mistranslated into English as “Meet in Battle”)


Now, connect the dots of all the Islamic invaders that came to Bharat, from Md. Bin Kasim to Nadir Shah. Everyone was following the commandments of Allah and the footsteps of Muhammad. Md. Bin Kasim took all the daughters of King Dahir of Sindh, and Timur Lung took 1000s of Indian women and children and sold them in Arabian Slave Markets, which was the culture of that land. From partition horrors to ISIS in Syria, they all practiced rape culture and sex-slave culture which reflected the true nature of the ideology that they were following. And since all the Islamic texts are full of all these nonsensical things, one cannot deny that even today Muslim extremists believe in that same 6th CE cult called Islam, founded by Muhammad.

If you want to know the psyche of terrorists across the globe, you have to read Islamic history and Muhammad’s life, because the cult named Islam was itself a kind of terrorist organization that used to terrorize people of that time, they evicted innocent Jews and Polytheists from Mecca, Medina, and many more cities of that time. Those who got converted were spared and those who didn’t were killed or fled their motherland. And this has been the history of Islam. Wherever Islam went from Arabia, Egypt, Mesopotamia, Babylon, Persia, etc. It decimated the local culture and civilization and annihilated the local culture within a span of 50-60 years. When Islam came to Bharat, it did a lot of damage, but Bharat had a fighting spirit, and that is the reason we are ideologically, still at war with Islam. They want Bharat to become Islamized and we are drawing inspiration from our ancestors to not let Islam attain success in Bharat.


Misogyny in Islam

Islamic scriptures like Quran, Hadith, Tafseer, etc. are full of women’s discrimination and treat women like any other consumption object. The very first attack Islam or Muhammad makes towards women is “Women are half brain” (click on the link). The Quran or Allah’s own voice declares menstruating women as impure in its Quranic verse 2:222. Imagine Muslims believe that Allah has created all human beings and that menstruation is an integral part of human existence. Then Allah is declaring Menstruating women as impure? Imagine all those Muslim women who believe in Allah, how would they feel once they know all that, they are half-brain and they are impure during menstruation whereas human beings cannot exist if women don’t menstruate. Another Quranic verse of 2:282 shows clear-cut discrimination between men and women, where one witness man is equal to two witness women. Quran–4:34 says–Men are established over women (the clever Muslims now changing English translations of “Established” as “Protector”. Copy Arabic verses and google translate them)  Quran–2:223–Your Wives are like your farmland, come to your tillage from wherever you wish to serve yourselves (There is a mistranslation of Consensually in English don’t fall for it, so copy Arabic words and google translate each word or complete ayat)  Muhammad once said–“If a woman spends the night deserting her husband’s bed (does not sleep with him), then the angels send their curses on her till she comes back (to her husband). You, readers, are better judges, you open this verse and make your own understanding as to what level there is open discrimination against women, and many Mullahs and Maulvis defend these points shamelessly by going left right and making “Jalebi”. How can we forget the “Nikah Halala”–Where Muslim women are being raped by others. Here are the Quranic verses that allow this filth to propagate. “If you have given 3rd Talaak to your wife, then she would only be Halal for you, only if she is married to another man and have to consummate that marriage, then Talaak, and then remarry her husband”.  There is one Hadith regarding this as well “Hadith proves this.” What kind of culture is this, only one inference can be drawn from this, if your wife has some disagreement with you and she is not doing exactly as the husbands want, then he has a tool to punish his wife at the hands of his friends, family, relatives, etc. So, that she will follow everything said by her husband.


As mentioned earlier that there was rape culture in Arabia during the 6th AD where you had a lot of sex slaves and you used to sell and buy them. Many were war captives; in total it was a bad practice. Muhammad is called “Uswatul Hasana” (the best role model) among the Muslim community across the globe. But Muhammad didn’t stop that inhumane treatment of other people at the hands of advantageous ones. Instead, he promoted this culture by first attacking other tribes and then capturing the women of that town (War of Khaybar). Quran’s Tafseer—23:6 says that you can have sex with your slave girls (because Quran is an uneven compilation of Muhammad’s recitation having no sequence and whims of Muhammad, so we have to go to Tafseer).

slave market

All these things are mentioned in Quran, which means that Allah is ordering all this to happen. This means Allah is discriminating within its own creation. Another Quran verse 33:50—says that it is allowed or halal for you to have sex with your slaves since it was the culture of the Arabic world, so neither Allah nor Muhammad could differentiate that it was a bad practice that need to stop because Muhammad had been seeing these things happening since childhood so it was an everyday normal affair for him at that time. Even during war times, Muhammad himself allowed his men, that soldiers can rape any captive women even if their husbands are alive. What kind of culture is this, where you rape other women after the wars? When we compare this to Bharat, we can get quite a good idea as to why the practice of “Jauhar” was performed by the women of the prostrated kings at the hands of the Muslim armies. They knew that these animals have a very polluted culture of human rights violation, so to save their honor these women used to perform “Jauhar”. (What a great Uswatul Hasana).


Let’s talk about the most sensitive topic in Islam that every Muslim feels a shame to talk about or very cowardly tries to defend. The marriage of Ayisha and Muhammad. Abu-Bakr was the most trusted companion of Muhammad, when he was 53 years old, he proposed his marriage to a 6-year-old daughter of Abu-Bakr Ayisha. Imagine a 53-year-old man who wants to marry a 6-year-old child. Initially, Abu-Bakr hesitated and expressed his disagreement with this arrangement of marriage, but later married his daughter to his 53-year-old friend Muhammad. When Ayisha turned 9 years old, Muhammad had sex with her. Imagine the situation of poor Ayisha. And this was being done by “Uswatul Hasana”.  And now see the hypocrisy of Muhammad, when Abu-Bakr (Md’s Friend) asked Muhammad’s daughter Fatima as his wife, then Muhammad refused him by saying that she is young right now, but later married her to a 24-year-old Ali. (Hypocrisy of Muhammad). When it came to Muhammad and his personal family, he used to change and twist his own rules and even the practices of his Arab culture like multiple wives, marrying young daughters to old men, etc. One such incident was found where Ali (son-in-law of Muhammad) wanted to marry another woman, then Muhammad didn’t let him marry another woman unless he give divorce to his daughter (one more hypocrisy).


Alternate to Islam?

Many Muslims know these realities but they don’t have any option to leave Islam, because once they leave Islam, they have to leave their family since it is ordered in Islam to break all contact with a person who has left Islam, even his marriage would be annulled with his or her spouse. So, what should be the course of action? The action should be, to leave Islam in your head first, and act like you are a Muslim to others. Gradually, try to question the dark side of Islam in a polite way within your family, then to Maulvis. Establish secret contacts with the Ex-Muslim community, since it is growing at a very rapid pace, it will give you shelter and a society to live in. Try your level best to get your personal family out of this political ideology of Islam. Don’t need to convert to any other religion. If you want to follow any religion, then follow anyone but not Islam. Focus on your job, and family and try to live life as fully as you want, follow the constitution and enjoy the resources of your country as you may like.

For non-Muslims, you must read about Islam and its ideology. Today resources are plenty, inform yourself and then spread awareness. The only way to fight this third-grade ideology is to know about it and question it in the most respectful and peaceful manner. Don’t denigrate the person who is answering these questions. It was a cult that was started by a person called Muhammad and written 300 years later after the death of Muhammad.


“Without Lies Islam Dies”


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