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What is Wokeism?-Is it a new religion?-Wokeness is harmful?

The term “Woke or Wokeism” was already popular in Black culture but became mainstream in the aftermath of George Floyd’s (a Black man) killing by a White policeman. Becoming Woke is a general-purpose term referring to being aware of social injustice according to the framework of Critical Race Theory. It means fighting all the invisible power structures that govern societies.

Usually, Woke or Wokeism is practiced by liberal arts education professors and students. The stated goal of liberal arts education is to equip students to process complex and diverse ideas, engage in abstract thinking, and consider opposing opinions with open minds. The teacher should provide students with theoretical grounding from multiple perspectives and encourage them to engage each other and the faculty, and debate opponents with mutual respect. Such education should enable them to challenge beliefs, assumptions, and conventions.

Wokeism definition by cartoon

In practice, however, liberal education has become the exact opposite. Students are no longer encouraged to think for themselves but are tutored in the teacher’s specific ideology and social justice morality. Today academic institutions are not sanctuaries for open inquiry and alternative viewpoints whereas these Universities and social science studies across Bharat and America are spreading dogma as theory and indoctrinating in the guise of scholarship.


Wokeism is a Critical Race Theory at Core

Critical Race Theory in brief is that it accuses every institution, or system of inherent bias against one section of people, it can be Blacks in America and Dalits in Bharat, etc. In the name of ridding society of its power structures, academicians have created their own enormous power structure. Since the old structures are seen as stumbling blocks, they are to be demolished in order to get Blacks or Dalits justice. Hence dismantling structures like religions, nation-states, and traditional values, but also objectivity, rationality, and meritocracy is required. This is the cause of why we see that Bhartiya left-liberals attack the Hindu religion all the time, Hindutva is shown as a demonic or aggressive idea of Hindus, cultural practices of Hindus are attacked as regressive and anti-women with the support of their flawed logic, they also support surpassing meritocracy and providing an unfair advantage to Dalits as a group irrespective of merit. They even attack their own country Bharat as if it is not a nation but a piece of land where everyone has the right to live, even the illegal migrants from Bangladesh and Pakistan. The same principles are applied to Blacks, LGBTQ+, etc.

In Woke World Superman becomes Bisexual. This shows the invasion of Wokeism inside the tech and Movie industry in the USA

The Globalization of liberal arts has had a colonizing effect. To be truly liberal, each society should develop its own content with its own cultural underpinnings and resist global homogenization. But domination by American scholars, institutions, theories, and funding sources has undermined local cultures. The system of academic rankings and global evaluation indices is also controlled by the West and undermines local excellence. There is a finding that activist leaders are not persecuted innocent freethinkers but advocates of censorship, Cancel Culture, and aggressive evangelism of their newly founded religion which is “Wokeism”. For instance, disagreement with Wokeism’s premise that rationality is a problem because the clever, upper-class elites have been using it as a tool for exploitation. The movement is not interested in constructive engagements. It is not open to free speech, debate, discussion, challenge, evidence, etc.


Churchification of Wokeism

What the structure of the Church before the protestant movement, similar is the situation for Wokeism today, just like churches Wokeism do not entertain a point of view or argument that logically counters their set of beliefs, they do not engage in a proper respectful manner with a non-woke person. Wokeism as a dogma now belongs to a new kind of Church. The high priests of Wokeism are the autocrats deciding who is underprivileged and entitled to special treatment. This is a powerful new institution with its own idea of blasphemy. Those who disagree are to be attacked viciously. Dissent is not allowed. Woke is a form of groupism and tribalism, seeing society in terms of us/them, and waging an all-out war against its opponents. Similarly like in earlier times, when protestants were fighting against the Roman Catholic Church’s domination, and later the fight culminated in the “Peace of Augsburg”.

Churchification of Wokeism

Wokeness sacrifices true diversity, diversity of thought, so that skin-deep symbols of diversity like race and gender can thrive. Wokeness states everyone who is born into the structures built by White supremacists becomes a born racist, just like the Church demands everyone to accept they are born sinners. Wokeness is the new orthodoxy, the new religion, one that disguises itself in secular clothing. Because its disciples worship the secular forces of identity rather than any supernatural one, it’s much easier for the Church of Diversity to infiltrate the workplace.


Woke or Non-Woke??

Just as Adam and Eve committed the Original Sin that has inflicted everyone ever since so also systemic racism is the Original sin of the founding fathers and all others involved in nation-building. Individual merit is overshadowed by the structural Original Sin. You aren’t allowed to consider the evidence and pick and choose which parts of wokeness you like and which parts you don’t like. Like Christianity and Islam, wokeness purports to provide a system of beliefs that explains everything, and it doesn’t allow its believers to pick and choose, wokeness gives commands, not suggestions like Islam or Christianity. You’re not allowed to be a little woke, just like Christians can’t follow their five favorite commandments or Muslims cannot choose to question Muhammad’s character around women and sex slaves. It’s the structure that they use to make sense of the universe. Now Wokeism is like a Caste, if you do not belong to us completely you are not from among us. Someone who walks into these environments looking for stimulating intellectual engagement is told to sit quietly and listen. This is like the silence when the Gospel is being read at a Church service. If you offer a rational response, you are accused of heresy. Identity politics demands that oppressors being sinners must atone or else they must be punished in perpetuity for the sins of their ancestors. Ironically, this is a birth-based designation of someone being considered an oppressor.


The Corporatization of Wokeism

There is a proliferation of Critical Race Theory training workshops and seminars across America’s workplaces. The management is pressed to adopt official policies formulated by the proponents of CRT. These training sessions are modeled after the brainwashing sessions that Gramsci recommended for European workers in the 1920s – their goal was to create a discourse of ‘counter-hegemony’ that replaces what is seen as ‘cultural hegemony.

A well-known example of such indoctrination took place in 2020 at the National Museum for African American History and Culture. The museum’s education criticized the notion that hard work and the pursuit of objective and rational thinking is the key to success. It explained that such attributes belong to the ‘White dominant culture. Such training sessions are spreading like wildfire. The result of this has been that the big tech companies are becoming more and more intolerant day by day towards left-liberal thought, if you express your opinions publicly that go against the well-established belief system of Left, LGBTQ+, Marxism, etc. You will be labeled as ultra-right, Racist, and Communal and all sorts of name-calling would happen. Your freedom of expression would be snatched away from you just because you expressed your views which is not acceptable by one section of ideology that controls the technology that enables you to express your views on public platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. People like Donald Trump and Andrew Tate are completely banned from such platforms. These left liberals talk about engagement and freedom of expression but only when it is advantageous or benefits them. They become highly intolerant when someone is defeating them in an argument.

Corporate Wokeism is a way to hide something dark. There’s a new invisible force at work in the highest ranks of corporate America, a force that is the defining scam of our time – one that robs you of not only your money but your voice and your identity. In other words, there are rich and hungry tycoons pretending to be doing good, but this is a way to spread their power over every facet of society. He says that industrialists are using philanthropic policies that look progressive merely as a ploy to deflect attention away from their own abuses of power. By adopting these new ‘woke’ values, America’s business leaders stumbled upon a once-in-a-generation opportunity to leap from heresy to sainthood. Corporations were no longer the oppressors. Instead, corporate power – if wielded in the right way – could actually empower the new disempowered classes who suffered not at the hands of evil corporations but instead at the hands of straight white men. With Wokeism in Corporate culture, these big-tech companies would be seen as liberating forces in the eyes of this new mix religion of woke+Marxism+CRT+Left-Liberal.



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