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Saraswati River–A Myth?–or Colonial lie?–or Civilizational Hangover?

 “Saraswati” is a word that is sacred to all Hindus around the globe. We worship “Saraswati” as the Goddess of knowledge and there was a magnificent River named “Saraswati” once flowed North-South in India. A mighty stream in around 6000 years back with some 6-8 km wide along its entire course and some 25 km South of Patiala, the Yamuna and Sutlej joined it to make a 20 km wide path, when the monsoon hit Bharat, it became even more ferocious. But if we read our so-called historians, who were merely doing lip service to their colonial masters even after 70 years of “Transfer of Power”, tried to establish the existence of the “Saraswati” river as Myth and all literature associated with it as fabrications i.e., Mahabharat, Rig-Veda, etc. First, we will look into the origin of this fact of falsifying the existence of “Saraswati River” and then how our Marxist historians and Modern American Orientalists augmented the efforts to denigrate Hindus by trying to prove Hindu scriptures as Myth and mere stories like Greeks, Egyptians, etc.

                We will divulge the various empirical evidence supporting the argument for the Existence of the “Saraswati River” i.e., Satellite Imagery, Geological, Archeological, and Literature. Then we will discuss, how exactly this River went dry with the proper Scientific process. And every “Civilizational Hindu” needs to know this fact about his greatest wealth is his/her Civilizational value. You are the progenies of “The oldest and only surviving Civilization” in the entire world. You don’t need to feel inferior to anyone. Know your culture, embrace it and feel proud, because those who do not wear their own clothes, end up wearing borrowed clothes of others which are dirty, torn, sometimes smelly and you have to wear them since you have abandoned your own, years back.




Conspiracy around Saraswati River.

  When Britishers were reading Bhartiya literature and History via Vedas, Epics (Ramayana and Mahabharat), etc. They were reading them with an intent to denigrate the entire culture to pose their supposed domination in history, culture, Religion, etc. Because T.B Macauley in his minute of 1832 said “If we want to subjugate Indians, we have to subjugate their Education, Culture, and Religion, we only want Clerks for our Company and certainly not intellectuals”. Hence, they termed everything Bhartiya as Barbaric, Anti-Women and all sorts of English dictionary was bombarded. The major player in this drama was Max Muller and Mortimer Wheeler (German Philologists), they were hired specifically for the same purpose of denigrating Bharat. Max muller read Rig-Veda, and he found mention of the “Saraswati River” even more than the “Ganga River”, when he was unable to find this river, he declared this mention of “River Saraswati” a Myth. Eventually, they declared Rig-Veda (one of the greatest Veda) as Myth, and since Mahabharat and Ramayana both have references to Rig-Veda, these two historical records were also declared as Myths. The credibility of these Philologist duo can be measured by their methods of assuming anything True or False just because it is not in front of their eyes.

                Another assault on Culture was done by Max Muller in the form of proposing AIT (Aryan Invasion Theory). He translated the mention of the word “Arya” (उत्तम पुरुष) into “Aryan” Race. The only logical point in assuming this concept can be precipitated, is that he wanted to establish, that if somehow, we declare these Bhartiya’s as invaders, then they won’t question our invasion and subjugation. Then it would be the best strategy to diminish their Culture to their knees and then execute the missionary activities.

                This same theory was carried forward by Marxist historians and American Orientalists (Sheldon Pollack, Wendy Doniger, etc). These people only talk about Diversity, Differences in people, and Different Cultural aspects, and denigrate anything which is Bhartiya, especially Hindu. But they never talk about factors that unite Bhartiya and Bhartiya culture. Their theories are still being carried in our textbooks, that’s why we are still reading the garbage of AIT (Aryan Invasion Theory) as a historical event. If AIT was true, then what is Bhartiya about “You”, “Me” or any other Patriotic Bhartiya? You will lose your identity by this. And that’s the exact goal this theory was proposed to achieve, to Instill the hate in Bhartiyas for their own country, culture, Language, Religion, etc. So, you have been taught, that Vedas were false, Upanishads were false, Ramayana and Mahabharat were Mythology, which many Bhartiyas like Devdatt Patnayak proudly discuss and twist and turn to score well in the eyes of their American Masters.


Evidence for Saraswati River Existence.

  1. Satellite Imagery Evidence
  2. Geological Evidence
  3. Archeological Evidence
  4. Literary Evidence


1.          First Evidence came in the 1970s, approximately 150 years after the “Saraswati River” was declared a Myth via American Satellite Landsat. Remote sensing imagery showed a clear dried-out course of a once-mighty river that flowed from the Himalayas to the sea, almost parallel to the course of today’s Indo-Pak border. It was further corroborated by ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization), which also released so many remote sensing imageries. It was not a seasonal river but a mighty perennial river that flowed over 4600 km. Images clearly showed its path was around 6-8 km wide and at the confluence of Sutlej and Yamuna, it was around 20 km wide. ISRO prepared a map from Badri (Haryana) to Rann of Kutch. An Expert Committee was constituted by the Government titled “Paleochannels of North-West India” headed by K.S Valdiya (Geodynamics Professor at JNU Centre for Advanced Study and Research). Chapter 6 of this committee’s report is worth giving a read. Such a beautiful representation of history and science was done. Saraswati River is mainly Composed of the joining of Y1, Y2, and Y3 paleochannels. It was the deviation of Y3 paleochannel that led to the drying of this once magnificent river. Today, this Y3 paleochannel flows on the Yamuna River course and it joins Ganga at Prayagraj and that is the exact reason why Prayagraj is called a “Triveni Sangam”. Whereas Y1 and Y2 channels used to flow into Saraswati River along with Sutlej                                                                                                                                                        ISRO’s Evidences of Satellite                                                  Visualize ISRO’s Maps in BHUVAN

  1.          We all know that the Himalayan Region is a very active seismic zone and it has been ever since its existence. There were some major earthquakes in North-West Region which led to many geological changes. These changes have been well recorded and proved scientifically.
SNO Events Period
1 Kalibangan Earthquake and Devastation of Early Harappan Cities 4700 B.P(before present)
2 Rise of Yamuna Tear Faults followed by their activation 4700-3700 BP
3 Eastward Turn of the Yamuna from her Westward Flow 3700 BP
4 Earthquake in Dholavira 4200 BP
5 Submergence of Dwarika (Gujrat) 3600 BP
6 Westward Turn of Sutlej from its Southward flow 2600 BP
7 Desiccation of Saraswati and Migration of Communities dwelling on her Banks 2500 BP


                The time scale of these events might be up or below for a few hundred years but their occurrence was quite true in the books of geologist communities. The mighty earthquake destroyed Kalibangan settlement and the tectonic plate shift forced Yamuna and Sutlej to change their course to eastward and westward respectively to meet Ganga and Sindhu Rivers respectively. Deprived of two crucial ice-melt water sources, Saraswati now transformed into a monsoon stream. Hence, its people started migrating towards the east and west in search of better water resources.

                In 5000-3500 BP, there was a marked weakening of Southwest monsoons in the Himalayan foothills and the plains region of Northwest Bharat. This phenomenon further augmented the desiccation of Saraswati. This phenomenon repeated over thousands of years and ultimately Saraswati vanished because there was no source of water that was being supplied either Glacial or Rain. In 2200 BC (Before Christ), a megadrought destroyed the civilization of Egypt, Mesopotamia, China, and Bharat, Rivers that were supplied with Ice-melt water survived but monsoonal rivers vanished.

  1.           The earliest settlements were located at Mehargarh in Balochistan (Pakistan) and were carbon-dated to 6000 BC. But Early Harappan Settlements date around 3500 BC. Today it has been established that over 60% of the so-called Indus Valley Civilization sites were located along the banks of Saraswati and not Sindhu River (Indus). The pity is Max Muller had died well before Mohenjo-Daro was discovered. His theory of the Aryan Invasion should have been thrown in the dustbin, the moment these settlements were discovered. Because these sites pre-date his so-called theory and term Saraswati as Myths.                                                                                                                                      Sarasvati River Path
  2.           We Bhartiya especially Hindus don’t read our scriptures and that’s why we are the most Civilizational Idiots in our entire history. That’s why anyone can come and damn our Scriptures and can comment on anything anytime. No one dares to do the same with other religious textbooks. Anyway, the Scriptural evidence is quite ample, Rig-Veda has 75 Mantra(मंत्र) eulogizing Saraswati (7.95.2, 6.61.2, 6.61.14 and many more verses).  Mahabharata mentioned it in Vana Parva {(वन पर्व—81,175)}.  Remember that when Bhima defeated Duryodhan then Balram (brother of Bhagwan Krishna) interjected and said, Bhima broke the rule of the fight and I will kill him. Then Krishna Bhagwan interjected and said, when it was the time to fight the war, you went to pilgrimage and avoided the same war and now you want to change the result because your student is being defeated. In that same pilgrimage, Balram described the course of Saraswati. Shalya Parva (शल्य पर्व) gives the full detail of his journey along the banks of a dying river.                (शल्य पर्व)


What is your duty?

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