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How Alcohol Affects Your Skin Health: Benefits of Quitting, Before & Afters, Damage Reversal

Developing a yellow skin tone can be a sign of jaundice, indicating that heavy alcohol use has damaged your liver. “The good news is that earlier stages of steatotic liver disease are usually completely reversible in about four to six weeks if you abstain from drinking alcohol,” Dr. Sengupta assures. Despite red wine being hailed as the ‘healthiest’ choice of alcohol because it contains antioxidants, it is actually one of the most damaging alcohols for your skin. According to Dr Ana, “Unfiltered red wine requires higher levels of processing by the body.”

FAQs About How Alcohol Affects Appearance

how alcohol affects your skin

You’ll soon start receiving the latest Mayo Clinic health information you requested in your inbox. Sign up for free and stay up to date on research advancements, health tips, current health topics, and expertise on managing health. Alcohol use spiked during the COVID-19 pandemic as the stressors of daily life and the absence of regular school and work routines drove many people to… People with alcohol use disorder or those who come to the ER intoxicated face higher odds of death within a year than the general population. A number of studies have looked at alcohol use among specific racial and ethnic populations, including Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) communities.

  • Think those mojitos and caipirinhas taste too good to be… well, good?
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  • Our skin loses its plumpness, magnifying the appearance of these telltale signs of aging.
  • Spider telangiectasis is given that name because of its appearance.

What Is Alcohol Use Disorder? Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis, Treatment, and Prevention

When your liver finishes that process, alcohol gets turned into water and carbon dioxide. Dr Ana recommends catching up on sleep after a night out and putting an extra pillow down too. Reframe supports you in reducing alcohol consumption and enhancing your well-being. While there is no direct link between how alcohol affects your skin alcohol and acne, alcohol consumption can exacerbate acne in several ways. Alcohol can have a variety of effects on our appearance, from the way your skin and eyes look, to your weight and body odour. To truly know what’s in that product bottle, flip to the back and thoroughly read the ingredient list.

Is Red Wine Actually Good for You? Here’s What the Research Suggests

Additionally, the National Rosacea Society points out that these astringent alcohols, along with methanol and benzyl alcohol, can lead to increased dryness and irritation in people with already-inflamed skin. “Alcohol is actually one of the worst, most aggressive compounds to destroy your skin,” says New York nutritionist Jairo Rodriguez, who counts designers and Vogue editors among his clients. “I always joke with my patients, ‘If you want to get older, go ahead and drink! ’” Here, Rodriguez breaks down the exact effects of alcohol on the skin, as well as the benefits of giving up alcohol or imbibing more tactfully.

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It might not be easy to remember this step, but it’s crucial for managing your hangover and skin troubles the next day. It’s important to note that you can’t completely avoid the impact that drinking has on your skin. But if you choose to drink, reducing your intake, picking the right type of alcohol, and drinking plenty of water are the best places to start.

how alcohol affects your skin

Drinking excessively not only takes its toll on your skin’s appearance, but it can also worsen pre-existing skin conditions and leave you vulnerable to skin problems. Recognizing the signs of alcohol skin problems early on allows you to address your drinking habits before you cause irreversible harm to your body. However, for skin conditions related to AUD, liver disease, or excessive alcohol consumption, the best preventive measure is to stop drinking alcohol. Assuming you took the latter route, rest assured that you don’t have to swear off mimosas and martinis for the rest of eternity.

Your gut microbiome is a hotbed of bacteria that help keep your digestive system happy and healthy. The trillions of microbes in your colon and large and small intestines are critical to proper digestion. They also help fend off inflammation and support healthy metabolism. Cirrhosis, on the other hand, is irreversible and can lead to liver failure and liver cancer, even if you abstain from alcohol. Dr. Sengupta shares some of the not-so-obvious effects that alcohol has on your body. Believe it or not, sleeping with two pillows in bed slightly propped up is one of the best ways to minimise eye and face puffiness.

  • Alcohol’s impact on the skin is not as straightforward as you might think.
  • To prevent premature skin aging, board-certified dermatologists recommend following these simple tips.
  • Chronic alcohol use limits your skin’s ability to repair itself and depletes collagen and elastin,  two key proteins that give skin firmness and elasticity.
  • While excessive alcohol consumption is a risk factor for cancers that affect your mouth and digestive system, heavy drinking can also increase your risk for skin cancer.

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The Bottom Line on the Effects of Alcohol on Skin

how alcohol affects your skin

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