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Hindu Gods-Who is more powerful!!-Categorization?

Hindu Gods are not simple to understand at first glance but they are not difficult to fathom. Hinduism itself is the oldest faith and third largest in the world with majority of people lives in India, Nepal, etc. If we try to trace it’s origin, it will be like tracing the origin of the universe which is beyond science.

It is not like Abrahamic Religions which only focuses on one god, one book, one rule. If you don’t follow any of the rules, you are out of the religion, at least textually. In Hinduism Hindu every God finds its origin from supreme energy ऊँ (Ohm), it gives rises to all Gods and Gods are mainly comprises of “Trinity” with their feminine counterparts, apart from the “Trinity” Hindus have Demi Gods which are the one level up than Human beings but far less than the Supreme God.

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The Hindu Gods or Trinity is “Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh” with their feminine counterparts “Saraswati, Laxmi, and Parvati.” They are enshrined with different duties to run the universe or the universes. All of them work in unison to maintain the order of the world.

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Hindu Gods “Brahma”

If we talk according to the Hindu texts “Brahma” is actually not any god but a position like the chair of Prime Minister in any country onto which an entity has been assigned to look after the works of Brahma. Since there are many universes hence there are innumerable Brahmas with Universes of varying sizes. Each Brahma is assigned with a duty with one Universe.

The duty of Brahma is to create a Universe and all of its components by borrowing elements and power from the supreme. Brahma create all the tangible things that can be seen, feel or taste. That’s why he is called the “Creator of the Universe”

Brahma is being represented as an old man with white beard and four faces in each direction. It depicts that he can see in all four directions because he is shouldered with such a responsibility. His hands possess all the Vedas (the ancient Indian Knowledge) which denotes that he possess all the knowledge of the Universe, how to create it. Brahma has a consort called “Saraswati” which is called the mother of Knowledge and shows that Brahma is all knowing and every worldly knowledge is companion to Brahma.

Hindu Gods “Vishnu”

He is considered as the supreme power of the Universe, he actually assign powers and Duty to Brahma. He is the one from which Trinity has been born. He is seen to be a beautiful man looks like in mid 30s with four arms which carry lotus, Sudarshan chakra, Gada, etc. Seshnag or the King of Serpants make the bed for him to rest upon which reside in Sheersagar (Ocean of Cosmos).

He is the one who preserve the Universe, give direction to Brahma when to create and he himself take care of all the beings and things in the Universe. He also make sure that whenever there is a situation arises in the world which require his interjection. He takes avtar (avatar) onto earth and handles the situation. That’s why he is also called the “Dashavtar” (the ten forms), which have been incarnated on earth over different course of our times. Vishnu always reside with his consort “Laxmi” (the wealth). It is said that wherever Vishnu is, there is Laxmi or wealth.

1. Matsya (Fish)

2. Kurma (Tortoise)

3. Varaha (Bore)

4. Narsimha (Human Tiger)

5. Vamana (Dwarf)

6. Parshuram (The sage warrior)

7. Ram (The Complete Man)

8. Krishna

9. Buddha

10. Kalki (will be born)

HIndu Gods “Mahesh or Shiva”

He is one of the prominent Trinity, he is considered as the “Destroyer.” Because his task is to maintain the order by destroying tangible things in the Universes or World. Anything that has came into existence has to go and is destroyed by him only. He is one of the simplest God and the most humble, at the same time the most ferocious.

He is half clad in Tiger skin and most of the time in meditation, he carry “Trishul”, one of the deadliest weapon in the Universe. He is the only God who get pleased by devotees who worship him, even in simple ways. He resides on Mount Kailash with his consort “Parvati”. He is the only God with a complete family with two son, “Ganesh” and “Kartikeya”.

Feminine Gods

All the other Gods especially the feminine part have originated from “Radha” which itself came from ऊँ (Ohm). Now Radha has been further given rise to many other forms of feminine power like “Saraswati, Laxmi, Parvati, Durga, Kali, etc”. All these have originated from one part of “Radha”.

Demi Gods

Demi Gods can be defined as the Ministers in the cabinets, who have been enshrined some powers by Prime Minister. Similarly, Demi Gods are the entities that has been enshrined with some sort of powers by Supreme God and they reside in their respective abodes that are assigned to them. Examples of Demi Gods are Indra Dev, Yamraj, Shani Dev, Agni Dev, etc.

Although Hinduism and Hindu Gods are very complicated to understand but if we study the idea of Hindu and their texts, it is evident that there is a distribution of different form of Gods with different sort of duties assigned. That’s why Hinduism is also known as “Sanatan Dharma” (Eternal Duty) because in Hinduism it is only duty of a person which he or she has to perform all the time and that’s the concept that has been trickle down from supreme beings, because they are also performing their duties. Hence if you are following your duty of being a good human, good son, good husband, good daughter, good wife, etc. You are Hindu or Sanatani.


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