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Most powerful Hindu God !!!Brahma? Vishnu? Shiv? or any other?

According to Vedas and ancient Indian texts most powerful Hindu God (Refer to this article before proceeding further) is not clearly defined as such but their powers have been well explained with different stories and anecdotes. Hindu Gods are not like any Abrahamic Gods who only say God is formless and is only one, instead, Hindus are at full liberty to imagine their Gods in any form, no-form, tangible thing, non-tangible thing, etc. Because God is everywhere and at every time in everyone, you can imagine your God to your imagination.

most powerful hindu god

Trideva (Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh) are the pivot Gods of Hinduism, 90% of Hindus are either worshiping them directly or their consort in one of the many forms. Let’s discuss the powers of all the Gods. Any other Hindu God or Dev that Hindus worship either in the form of feminine (Kali, Durga, etc) or any other divine figure holds their power from either of these Trideva.


1. Power of Knowledge, he possesses all the Vedas and all the materialistic knowledge.

2. He is the one who implements the laws of the universe directed by Vishnu.

    * Rules of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Nature are set by him

    * Different Universe have different Brahma and may have different rules.

3. He makes sure that Male and Female counterparts are relatively equal so that the continuous survival of life forms keeps on.

Weapons of Brahma:-

1. Brahmastra—- It is considered to be one of the most deadliest weapons in the Universe

    * It is invoked by a special Mantra taught by a Guru or directly blessed by Brahma

    * It can be invoked into any tangible form just by holding that object and invoking the Mantra, then that object will transformed into Brahmastra

    * It can be used to strike with pinpoint accuracy. It can be as delicate as to finish the fetus in the womb and not harm the mother. And can be as ferocious as to dry oceans and destroy the entire life from the planet or Universe.

most powerful hindu god

    * It is only used in rarest of the rare circumstances and this weapon can also be called back once released.

# Generally Brahma is not considered to be the powerful God, but his weapon is indeed one of the most powerful ones. There have been many incidents in Ramayan and Mahabharat where this weapon was invoked and used.


1. Vishnu is also known as Maya Pati (Master of illusions). Everything that is in the Universe is an illusion only, created by Bhagwan Vishnu.

2. He decide how the Universe and the living beings should be run and managed. He creates and destroys circumstances to make all life forms dance to his tunes.

3. He can take Avatar on Earth at the time and place of his own choosing if it is required.

4. He has taken 9 Avatars so far and one is yet to arrive at the end of Kali Yuga (4th Cycle of time)

5. He can make and break anything tangible or non-tangible with the blink of an eye, such is his power of Maya, which influences every being.


1. Sudarshan Chakra— It is the weapon that is in full control and possession of Vishnu, it is a revolving circle that sits on the finger of Vishnu waiting for his instructions to strike.

    * Once the Sudarshan is unleashed it will return only after completing the task given. Like cutting the neck of “Shishupal”

    * No weapon can stop this once it is released towards any foe.

2. Sharanga Dhanush– It is the Bow that shoots arrows with the speed of light and there is a non-stop supply of arrows fires from it.

3. Vaishnav Astra– This is the only weapon in the Universe that can destroy any other weapons, it is very difficult to counter this weapon with any other weapon. There is only one way to get away from this weapon to prostrate before this weapon and not fight.

*It was used against Arjuna in Mahabharat, but Krishna who was the Avatar of Vishnu absorbed it in himself and couldn’t let this weapon harm Arjuna.


# Any of these three weapons cannot be used against each other, because they are under the full control of Bhagwan Vishnu, but one can get this weapon by pleasing Bhagwan Vishnu.


1. Meditation is the power that only Lord Shiv upholds, this power makes him know everything, every time and everywhere.

2. He holds the power to destroy anything at any time. Even Vishnu Bhagwan does not interfere in his business

    * Veerbhadra (the small part of Mahesh or Lord Shiv) fought Lord Vishnu and defeated him when he went out to finish “Daksha.”

3. He is most generous, one can please him and ask anything, unlike Lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu gives boons based on eligibility. But Shiv gives boons irrespective of eligibility, he only sees the devotion. (Like he provided powers to Bhasmasura to burn everything)

4. His anger is the most ferocious and once he opens his third eye then it means that the world is about to end.


1. Trishul– It is known as Trident that Lord Shiv holds all the time. If this weapon cuts any part of the body, it cannot be placed back with all the forces combined including that of Vishnu, Brahma, and Mahesh himself.

example—Ganesha’s Head was decapitated and replaced with the Elephant’s head.

2. Pashupata Astra– Another great weapon that Shiv possesses that comes secondary to none. Its power comes next to Trishul. It is used as a final resort in any war.

Who’s the most powerful Hindu God then?

    Get ready for the disclaimer that it is not which God is the most powerful the technical point should be Dharm is the most powerful. Whoever possesses Dharm is the most powerful, indeed it is quite difficult to compare the powers of all these Tridev and conclude who is exactly the most powerful. All these Gods are the manifestation of the only power that is ऊँ (Ohm). Suppose, one says he is having Milk, another person says he is having Curd, the third one says he is having butter, etc. Then the forms of food are different but he is consuming the same thing but in a different form. Because Vishnu Bhagwan worships Bhagwan Shiv and Bhagwan Shiv worships Vishnu Bhagwan in the form of “Ram”. But the comparison of weapons can be pretty much feasible.

    Similarly, when you please any God, it means that you are worshiping the same God but with a different form, and these Gods are manifested differently to manage different aspects of the Universe and to maintain the Balance they uphold different kinds of weapons and powers.

    Nowhere in the Shastra and Vedas is it mentioned that any of these weapons have been used against each other and neither of the Gods ever had any sort of encounter to compare their strengths and powers. Even if we take the weapons for a reference as a metric of power then the chronology of the power of these weapons goes like this “Brahmastra << Vaishnavastra << Pashupatastra”
It is said that to counter “Brahmastra” Vaishnavastra is used, which means that whatever comes before Vaishnavastra, absorbs the energy of that weapon, this is such a might of this weapon. But if we talk about “Pashupatastra”, It is the most ferocious weapon that is used and it is used to even absorb the “Vaishnavastra”. This weapon is only given by Bhagwan Shiv to his devotees and it is advised to use this weapon only and only when there is no alternative, because if this weapon is used against any weak weapon, the energy of “Pashupatastra” will destroy the environment because it will have so much energy to be used if not put against a heavy weapon like “Vaishnavastra” or “Brahmastra”

The conclusion says, indeed if the weapons are concerned, the “Pashupatastra” is the clear winner, this was the weapon that can only be achieved after pleasing the Bhagwan Shiv. To please Bhagwan Shiv is not an easy task.

If one is worshiping Shiv then ऊँ will become Shiv, if Vishnu or Brahma then the same goes for them as well. And finally, to the question of who is the most powerful god, the answer will be that it is only one Bhagwan manifesting in a different form with a different purpose and we cannot define who is more powerful and who is not. Dharm is more powerful, if Dharm is on the side of Brahma he will become the most powerful and the same goes for all three Bhagwan. 

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