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Tipu Sultan: Temple destructor-Enemy of Kannada culture- Islamic zealot. Should know him in 2022

In 1969-70 the then Indian PM Indira Gandhi came up with a program called the National Integration program. Specifically focused on Education for future India. G. Parthasarathy, former ambassador and close to the Nehru-Gandhi family became the chairman. He appointed all Marxists and Communists to his team due to the political compulsions of that time. He quoted “It is our duty to not sow the seed of thorns in the minds of growing children, which might prove to be a hurdle in the National Integration scheme”. Indirectly he meant, let’s fabricate history and introduce the pseudo-secularism in our History and Social Sciences. That’s what exactly happened for the next 50 years till today in 2022. This was done to keep the spurious brand of Secularism, very specific to India alive to appease Muslims at all levels and in all spheres including History, Culture, Politics, Festivals, etc. Post-Independence, our Marxists, vote bank politicians, and religiously-driven Muslim writers, artists, playwrights, and filmmakers portrayed “Tipu Sultan” the level match of “Aurangzeb” as our National Hero and Icon of Kannadiga Culture, which is far from reality.

Right from the beginning, Tipu was a fanatical and Islamic zealot and tyrant. His 17-year long reign was marked by unprovoked and barbaric raids against weak rulers. The moment he finds himself against an equal mighty army, he started to squeal and start running for buying peace immediately. His spree of Changing names of cities, basic administration, replacing Kannada with Farsi, discontinuing the Hindu calendar, and mass conversion factory that he used to run in his army have been very well known but never told by these boot licker historians. Instead, they started glorifying him as a freedom fighter, just because he fought Britishers. It means that Marathas, Travancore, and Kodavas were the traitors because they all helped Britishers against Tipu. Since the National Integration program was focused on appeasement of Muslims only, then everything that was even remotely linked to Hindus and the Culture of this country explicitly was subjugated, erased, or fabricated. But anything which was related to Muslim or Islam, no matter how communal or barbaric was brought to the good light by these copy-paste historians.

We will know the classic similarity between Tipu and every other Islamic Invader or Rulers about their Name changing spree to Islamize everything they see around. Then we will talk about his religious bigotry where he Destroyed Hindu temples, killed innocent people of every principality he decimated, conversion factory that is classic to all Muslim rulers around the globe.

Tipu Sultan


1. Tipu Sultan enemy of Kannada Culture

          Tipu ruled Mysore from 1782 to 1799 which he inherited from his father Heydar Ali, whose story of rising from a simple foot soldier to the king of an empire of Mysore is ever more interesting. But we will focus on Tipu’s love for changing names of everything he perceived as un-Islamic. He was a very religious person and tried to follow the Quran word by word like ISIS, Taliban and other terrorist organizations do. Just after receiving the reigns of his kingdom, he started changing names of native cities like Aurangzeb and every other Invader did. Brahmapuri became Sultanpur, Chitradurga became Farooq-yab Hisar, Dindigul to Khalilabad, and 62 more like that. He even named two cities with similar names causing a lot of confusion.

Administrative language before 1782 was Kannada but was changed into Farsi and a lot of Farsi terms in the taxation system were introduced, which caused a lot of hardship and decline in the revenue of the state. Weights and measures changed and christened into some Islamic name. Distance unit “KOS” (कोस) was changed into 24 thumb lengths (to match 24 letters in Kalma). Currency was Pagoda before “Tipu” was changed to “AHMADI”. He Replace Hindu Calendar with some Arabic names of months and it started with the day of Muhammad’s Birth. He tried to equate himself with Bakhtiyar Khilji (the destroyer of Nalanda University), by sacking the entire Mysore Palace library contained Hindu palm leaf manuscripts, inscriptions, papers, books and gave orders to burn them as fuel to boil grams to feed horses. Jihadis do not understand the importance of education. Their knowledge starts and ends with Quran. That’s why they hate anything other than those Islamic verses which motivate them to kill anybody who does not agree with your religion.

He was not limited to the non-living things, his military campaigns in Coorg, Malabar, and Travancore captured Millions of prisoners and all were killed or converted with the help of the sword. Tipu wrote to Nawab of Kurnool Runmust Khan in 1788, that he had captured 40,000 Coorgs (original inhabitants of Malabar region) and converted them to Islam and an equal number of Coorgs were killed. He created a separate Horseman unit called “KHAZAKH” specifically formed from the converts from his prisoners of other regions (William Logan’s Malabar Manual). These “Kovada” (another name for Coorgs) were converted into “KOVADA MAPILLAH”.  Such is the venom of conversion, that same Mappila, who were once Hindus, massacred the same Hindu brothers and sisters in 1921 in Mappila riots sponsored by Khilafat Movement 1921 (Led by Gandhi), which was very cleverly modified as a revolt against Hindu landlords by Muslim peasantry in our history textbooks. A classic example is when you lose your culture, you lose your identity, and you will kill your own people thereafter in the garb of “JIHAD FASEEBILLAH”. He repeated the same conversion factory in Travancore and other regions.

Malabar Manual (William Logan)


2. Tipu’s Religious Bigotry 

          His staunch hate for non-Muslims that is Hindus or Christians is self-evident by his hand-written leaflets, which were verified by Habibullah (his most trusted servant). He always refers to Hindus as “Kaffirs” which is pretty much defined in Quran and the treatment a “Kaffir” should meet with is well explained. His Military campaigns in Mangalore, Coorg, and Malabar are well documented and explain well his love for mass savagery and killing the innocent unarmed citizenry. After attacking small kings and principalities, he used to fill his jails with innocent people in Seringapatam. Cutting throats, strangulation, poisoning, starving, dragging with elephant, Horse rides with spiked saddle, throwing to Tiger dens, etc are some of many tortures that were given to Prisoners of the territory of his conquest. Once he ordered his commander “Burhan-ud din in 1786 during Maratha war, to laid siege Naragund and kill every living creature in it, whether man, women, old, young, child, dog, the cat must be put to the sword. Based on his Correspondence with Tipu, compiled by William Kirkpatrick (prominent British officer during Anglo-Mysore wars), he was known for killing his loyal based on suspicion (Muhammad Ali, Ghasi Khan Bede, and Kasim Khan.  When General Mathews surrendered on Tipu’s Promise to let them pass safely in 1782. Then he imprisoned Mathews with all his men. He was made to starve and finally served poisoned food. Along with him, all British prisoners met with other brutal ends.    

Correspondence compilation of Tipu

                In 1785 he accused the Coorg of Malabar, that they need to shun the practice of “Polyandry” which was against Islam. And, if they don’t do it, he will forcefully convert all of them. He abides by his words and in 1788 he went and explained his savagery with his own writings. He wrote to Nawab of Kurnool Runmust Khan, he had made 40,000 coorgs as prisoners and similar numbers are slaughtered, they are being carried away from their lands and will be converted to Islam. Instead of fighting Coorg soldiers, he opts for citizens, because unarmed citizens were easy targets and he enjoyed torturing, killing, and converting hapless citizens like all his Islamic Brothers including “The not-so-great Akbar” who slaughtered similar 40,000 innocent citizens of Chittor on 25th Feb 1568. {William Logan’s Malabar Manual}. After vacating the entire towns of Coorg, he brought 7000 Muslim families belonging to Shaikh and Sayyid sects to change the demography, which is quite similar behavior among Jihadis of the 21st Century as well. He wrote to Budruz Khan in 1788-89 that he has converted 4 Lakh Hindus in Malabar and now marching against Raman Nair (king of Travancore) who gave him a Bloody nose and Tipu had to flee for his life like he always did. But a much larger army of Tipu won the war after a Month. Again, the same savagery on innocent citizens was repeated in Travancore as well.  (German Missionary Guntest, Portuguese Missionary Bartholomew’s Voyage to East India)

His Hindu hate was pretty much reflected in his administrative behavior as well. William McLeod (superintendent of Land Revenue Department) found that chiefs of every province and district contained only Muslim Names i.e., Sheikh Ali, Sher Khan, etc, and certainly no non-Muslim name. This Cost him economically and administratively because appointing incompetent people in revenue, and other higher positions just because they were Muslims is not a very intelligent strategy to run state affairs. But an Islamic zealot doesn’t see anything other than his Jihadi aims. Muslims were exempted from paying House tax, taxes on grain and other goods. Properties of Christians were confiscated. Converts to Islam were given concessions from taxes. He lost more territory than he gained in his 17 year-long rules owing to these communal policies. Lands were given free of cost only for the construction of Mosques. Whereas Lands given to Temples and Brahmans by earlier rulers were taken back and the wealth of temples was also confiscated to make up for the losses caused due to the ban on alcohol.

Like his Jihadi brothers (Ghazni, Babur, Akbar, Aurangzeb, etc), he also enjoyed the destruction of temples and he found that it is his religious duty to free the land from the idolators and polytheists mandated by “The Holy Quran”. When your fundamentals are misplaced, how can you expect a person not to become a fundamentalist, it applies to the current period as well. At the time of Tipu’s death, there were only 2 temples in his entire empire (isn’t it strange). But those two temples were inside the Seringapatam fort and were spared because Tipu believed in Astrology and the priests of these temples did astrology. William Logan’s Malabar Manual describes the temple destruction in great detail. He destroyed approximately 8000 temples and build Mosques over them, just like all his Jihadi brothers. Mosque Seringapatam was built over Hanuman temple and can be seen even today that it was once a temple, just like Qutub Minar of Delhi (earlier a Jain temple).

The temple grants were given by Tipu, it is very true and this is the episode, our Marxist historians compose beautiful secular songs around this. In his abject defeat at the hands of Britishers in 1792, half of his kingdom and resources were scooped by Britishers. Now he needed the support of his subject, unfortunately, Hindus were in majority. So, he needed their support and confidence to arrange a better army to prepare for future wars to get his kingdom back. So, he started giving grants to Mutt at Sringeri. What is interesting is that in the years of 1793 when he was trying this new behavior change, at the same time he was writing letters to Zaman shah of Afghanistan to invade India and free it from infidels and Kaffirs (Hindus). Political circumstances forced him to give grants to mutts and temples.



3. Patriot Myth of Fighting Britishers

          The story of him being the patriot is as true as if “Aurangzeb” was a true Brahman we have ever seen. He wrote letters to all Muslim rulers of the world at that time. From Zaman Shah of Afghanistan to Caliph of Turkey. With only one aim, was to invade India and drive Britishers, French, and Hindus, and convert this land to Islam. If this is the definition of patriot then what is the definition of real traitors. It means neither you love Karnataka, Culture, or Country at large. You only cared about your religious zeal, which was evident from all these episodes of history which were kept hidden from us to establish the pseudo-secular state. During his final time, when Britishers entered Seringapatam Fort he was killed by a mere soldier when he was trying to snatch his jewel belt while he was lying injured. He resisted and the soldier shot him in the head. That’s how the marauder of all time ended (one simple bullet with one simple soldier)

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