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ARYAN INVASION THEORY: Biggest Historical lie-Civilizational Crime

           18th CE European philosophers gave the term Indo-Aryan and Aryan Invasion Theory (AIT). It means that some 1500 BCE (Before the Christ Era), a race called “Aryan” which were the native Inhabitants of the Central Asian region (Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Poland, Russia, etc.) migrated to India and attacked Sindhu-Sarasvati Valley Civilization, later they intermixed with the local population. The same “Aryans” migrated to Europe and towards eastern Russia as well. Obviously, all these Philosophers and Historians were imagining and constructing these theories based on the popular notions of that time in their region, and since the science of that time was not developed enough that’s why they were not producing any empirical evidence, which is in opulence today. If this myth was true, it means we cannot and should not question the invaders and their excesses inflicted upon Bhartiya’s ranging from Islamic Invaders to Britishers, because we also invaded this country before all of them did. If all this is true, all the Civilizational history that we read from Ramayana to Mahabharata is a myth? That’s the exact emotion, this theory invokes in the heart and minds of the Bhartiya people. And that’s exactly what any invader would want to do, to first morally defeat his subject, so that his subjects won’t question him as to why they are being subjugated.


Prelude to Aryan Race Invention

                In the late 1700s, the widespread arrival of the translations of the Zend Avesta (Zoroastrian Religious texts) and the Bhagavad Gita with trade and communication provided the first approach to an Asian text totally independent of the Biblical and classical traditions. Because Christians and Muslims always believed that anything not written in their holy books cannot and should not exist. It unsettled them for a while and Hinduism became the source of important arguments in theological debates among Christian theologians. In, 1789 the English translation of Kalidasa’s Shakuntala by William Jones was retranslated into German in 1791 and influenced many prominent intellectuals such as Herder, Goethe, and Schiller (European Philosophers and Historians).

                European scholars were obsessed with the use of Sanskrit in the construction of a linguistic origin for the European Culture. Philology, a new academic discipline, was born, and essentially owed its beginnings to Sanskrit studies. Europeans from different countries quarreled over their newly discovered philological ancestry, whose progenitors they named variedly as “Aryans”, “Indo-Germans”, “Indo-Europeans”, and “Caucasians”.


Construction of Aryan Race Theory

        Once the Indian texts had been mined for their treasures, and these had been processed through translations, plagiarism, rejections, and extrapolations, and Indian knowledge had been securely relocated as “Western”, these Philosophers and Historians were now ready to appropriate this new knowledge to prove their ancestral dominance, race purity theory and their biases towards non-white people to pump their missionary activities in their colonies. 4 names are very prominent, which constructed the basic fodder for AIT (Aryan Invasion Theory).

  1. Johann Gottfried Herder (German Indologist 1744-1803)
  2. Friedrich Schlegel (1772-1829)
  3. Max-Muller (1823-1900)
  4. Joseph Gobineau (French 1816-1882)


1. Herder’s Theory and Imagination (1744-1803)

                He mainly wrote about racism and pluralism, he thought India represented humanity’s innocent childhood- a primitive religion in the midst of nature. India is a source for literary and cultural regeneration to buttress European identities through misappropriation and appropriation. For the very first time, he claimed that Sanskrit belonged to his Indo-European (Aryan) past. All this was being constructed in mind only and certainly, nothing on paper was shown or seen. Their discovery of India was like a re-discovery of Europe’s own foundation it had forgotten. Because, a Culture much advanced in Arts, Science, Manufacturing, Trade, and Civilization cannot be superior to the culture of whites. If it is there, it must be a European connection somehow, because, in their minds, nothing can beat white skin in any aspect of life.

2. Friedrich Schlegel (1772-1829)

                He lived at a time when Germany and France were bitter enemies, not only militarily and politically, but also culturally. France was seen as the successor of Greece and Rome. Spain and Portugal were glorified as colonizers of Americans. British had India as a jewel of their empire. But Germany had none of these, instead, they were seen as the barbarian tribes who attacked and destroyed Roman Civilization in the textbooks of France.  Schlegel developed a theory of racial hierarchy which he picked up from the Indian racial identity (Proposed by William Jones). After reading further Indian texts and translations, he claimed that German culture and feudal social structures had originated in ancient India, giving them very respectable antiquity to counteract Renaissance-based French supremacy. Again keep in mind that all these things were imagined and no substantial proof was produced to support their theory (Archeological, Literature, or Scientific)

                The main objective was to find an alternative to the Greek origin of European culture. His first myth was built on India’s historical role as the source of German greatness. He claimed that the ancestors of the modern Germans had migrated from India. He described India as the “Most fertile” and “Happiest” land, and since he tried to link Germans with India, he could say that we belong to the country which is most fertile and happy.

3. Max Muller (1823-1900)

                He was much influenced by all these Philosophers and was convinced by their writing. He served as a functionary for the colonialists and for Christian evangelists. It was he who used the word “Arya” (आर्य) as “Aryan” written in Rig-Veda. Arya means Sanskrit as a nobleman in any society. He used it as a Race and over time “Aryan” was largely replaced by the term “Indo-European”. But the Germans adopted the Aryan Identity as their national essence and took it to extremes, the British had a different relationship with it. For Britishers, it was a legitimized tool to cow down the intellectual voices against them condemning them as an invader and exploiters (Again no evidence was produced by him as well, everything is being produced and augmented based on a popular belief system constructed over time)

                Max Muller was a Missionary in the garb of intellectuals like Mother Teresa. He wrote on various occasions that, if Christianity doesn’t step in, then the entire Indian religion will fall and doom. He saw Indian civilization as a corrupt form of ancient glory (The Aryan Glory)

4. Joseph Gobineau (French 1816-1882)

                This person went to the extreme and claimed that European Aryans, after invading India, had become debased by mixing with the darker native races. The importance of India to him was that it served as a case study for his racial theory. In 1853, during the same time, Karl Marx, which is worshipped among communists described India’s history of mere Invasion by foreigners. This explains the knowledge bankruptcy of these people. They only knew, what was the popular belief of that time and they proposed similar theories which corroborated those belief systems. Gobineau wrote 4 volumes of race sciences. They only saw people as White, Yellow, and Black with White at the top and Black at the bottom.

                His thesis said Aryans represent the highest potential of the “white race”. He said due to the fears of intermixing of races, the Aryan lawgivers (Brahmans) implemented a caste system to slow down the intermixing with inferior people (How Racist Mindset). These people (Europeans and Americans) never saw beyond races, it had been inherent in their society. Even today we see the episodes of conflict between White vs Black in America and European countries. Imagine, if these people discriminate based on skin today? Then they were all unleashed then, to say whatever came to their mind and their society accepted it and produced an evident source of authority. Which was propagated into their colonies and their subject accepted their written history with their biased lens. The same thing was parrotted to the Bhartiya people and plummetted their Moral character to stand against Britishers. Because, if you yourself are a thief then how can you complain to the police about being robbed by another thief?

The busting myth of Aryan Invasion Theory (AIT)

  1. Carbon Dating and Archeological Evidence

           Sindhu-Sarasvati Valley Civilization was first discovered in 1921 at Harappa and in 1922 in Mohenjodaro. Britishers including entire of Europe were shocked at the marvelous planned city and discovery of ancient Bhartiya city. Their Historians and philosophers appropriated it with AIT when Aryans Invade India in 1500 BC, they destroyed the city and it fell into ruins. But Carbon Dating was first used in 1946 by Willard Libby to identify the age of historical objects, rocks, etc. Who was giving 1500 BC dates back in the 1920s? Was it all an attempt to save the AIT from archeological discovery? Anyway, IIT Kharagpur and the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) uncovered new evidence and proposed the date of the Harappan civilization from 8000 BC to 9500 BC. It was published in Nature Journal on May 25, 2016.

Nature Journal pdf 2016

  1. Lie of Chariot used by Aryans to run over Indus Valley/Sindhu-Sarasvati Civilization people

           AIT theorizes that Aryans were able to subjugate local people because they used chariots and horses. If we look at the path of travel from Central Asia to India, we must scale the lofty Hindu-Kush Mountains in Afghanistan. Even today, the best tanks like the T-90 and Abraham tank of the U.S.A, cannot cross those mountain passes. Then how come these Aryans brought their Chariots to Bharat? Anyway, this theory says Chariot in India cannot predate 1500 BC. But ASI in 2005, discovered 116 graves in Sinauli Village in Baghpat in U.P. Here Archeologists found a chariot which dates back to 2000 BC. But many boot-lickers historians are still propagating the garbage of AIT in colleges and in textbooks.

 Aryan Invasion Theory


  1. DNA Mapping of Migration of Aryans into Bharat

           R1a Haplogroup (on the Y chromosome) is a group of individuals that share a common ancestor with a particular genetic mutation. It is the world’s most successful extended family found across Eurasia, Russia, Poland, Ukraine, and India. This is the only straw left for AIT proponents to support their sinking ship. R1a haplogroup tends to represent Indo-Aryan people. It shows the uninterrupted lineage of males from father to son. But research papers by Swarkar Sharma, Ekta Raj, and Mamta Jena entitled “The Indian origin of Paternal Haplogroup R1a* Substantiates Autochthonous Origin of Brahmins and Caste System” claimed that the R1a haplogroup originated in India and it spread outwards and not inwards. The Indian Origin of Paternal Haplogroup pdf


           A study published in 2015 by Lucette G named “The Major Y Chromosome haplogroup type XI Haplogroup R1a in Eurasia” found that the R1a haplogroup was present in India around 15,450 years back. The scale of time will raze the construct of this AIT in all these research papers. How can we compare the year 1500 with 15,450 the scale is massive and no comparison.




Major Take Away
  1. AIT was promoted by Britishers to make Bhartiya feel alienated from their culture, and history. Because it would serve the purpose to rule Bharat and exploit
  2. After 1947, we did have governments but they did nothing to develop a culture to preserve the rotten “Secularism”. They saw anything culturally related thing of this country as a danger to their Muslim Vote Bank
  3. Science had never been so developed, as it is today. Hence, we can throw this AIT in the dustbin because we have all sorts of evidence that was not there with the earlier historians and philosophers.
  4. Proponents of AIT are Racist and we should call them such. Anyone who supports AIT, call them “RACIST” because we know, why and how it was designed.
  5. Start taking pride in your history and culture. Start reading your historical texts i.e., Veda, Ramayana, Mahabharata. If that can be done in Sanskrit, it would be great.
  6. Start rebutting your cultural enemies, anyone who talks against your civilization, culture, and Dharma, give them back with the “SWORD OF KNOWLEDGE”.

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