Saturday, February 24, 2024

Month: February 2022


Running + 6 Exercise: Enough for You, No Gym require

Running with some bodyweight training is the mother of all Gym workouts. And Grain + Legumes+ Milk is the Father of all the Protein Nutrition (Meat, Whey) in the World. It’s all the marketing strategies that are extracting money out of your pocket in the name of protein and doing nothing. You are only urinating all that whey protein and nothing more. It is your food that you eat to build your muscle and running makes your stamina both mental and physical.

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Saraswati River–A Myth?–or Colonial lie?–or Civilizational Hangover?

Saraswati river was first discovered with a proper scientific approach in the 1970s with the American Satellite “LANDSAT” caught the desecrated path of a river running from Himalaya to the Gujrat via Haryana and Rajasthan. Then ISRO did their own research but could not publish their findings because it was not suited politically in the years of 2000s. Leftist and Marxist historians tried their level best to bury this truth over 70 years, but it has come out wide in the open.

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