Love Jihad: History/ Facts/ incidents–Can we prevent it?

Love Jihad is a term that is given by Hindutva right-wing groups in India. It is another tool to harass Muslims. This is the typical statement that is given by so-called Intellectuals who just rely on their superficial knowledge of society and do not know the basic social underpinning of the society who lives in middle class families. Read more

Timur Lung Invasion-Defeated by Hindus

Timur Lung is eulogized among many people because he has been praised as a warrior of the Muslim world. A person who killed, converted, looted, and raped our motherland cannot be revered in this country. The atrocities he inflicted upon innocent Hindus barring Muslims, were unimaginable. Had it not been for the Mahapanchayat and Hindu Society of Meerut, Sharanpur, Haridwar he wouldn't have been defeated and more carnage of Hindus would have happened. Read more

What is Caste System in India-Misinformation/Errors of Understanding/Underpinnings

You may have been receiving all sorts of dirt around the Caste system in India. If you really want to understand the basics of this Social order. You must go through the underpinnings, history, and corruption that it received over the period of time. Indeed it is bad for any progressive society to discriminate against fellow countrymen, just because of their caste, creed, sex, etc. We all are brothers and sisters. We have to make a united Nation and not a broken India. Read more